• Wash Cotton + Alpaca

    It's best to wash everything once before using with your baby. Just follow the care instructions on the tag or visit Simple Laundry for more details.

  • Fold Cotton Flats

    To use our cotton flats as diapers, visit Learn to Fold for videos and tips including how to add absorbency.

    Also consider joining our private Facebook group for more ideas and community support.

  • Protect with Lavender

    Lavender is a natural way to keep your alpaca (and other wool) safe from moths and other pests. In our bundles, we included a cotton satchel containing Organic Lavender from France. Store this satchel (or make your own using lavender tea bags!) with your clean alpaca cover when not in use. Over time, as the scent starts to fade, replace the dried lavender or simply add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the dried buds inside.

  • Use the Wipe-Away Wand

    If your order included a Wipe-Away Wand, use it to help push any solid waste off your baby's diaper/wipes and into the toilet once your baby has transitioned to solid food. You really only need to remove anything that's "3D". Don't worry about streaks, those will wash out.

    Wipe the wand clean with toilet paper after each use. Clean periodically with soap and water. The wand is made from natural wood so do not soak it and avoid harsh chemicals. Store out of reach of children. Be sure to always wash your hands after using.

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