No matter where you are on your cloth diapering journey, thank you for joining our pac.

How to

Build a Cloth Diaper Stash

To try it out part-time, we recommend a starter pac:

For a minimalist, full-time set we recommend:

This allows you to change every hour at the newborn stage and every 2 hours as your baby gets older, plus boosters for longer naps + night. It is also the perfect amount of cotton for a full load, washing every 1-4 days.

If starting from birth, our Nesting Bundle + two or three Birth-2-Potty Pacas is all you need and costs less than 6 months of disposables!

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How to

Have an Impact

Materials + wash routines play a big role in the environmental impact of cloth diapering. Go beyond reusable with plastic-free covers + easy-to-clean cotton.

Plus, a tree is planted with each purchase.

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How to

Fold Diapers

Our favorite, easy ways to fold a one-size flat diaper.

Also consider joining our private Facebook group for more ideas and community support.

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How to

Get a Perfect Fit

Watch our favorite tips + tricks including our popular "fold-over" hack.

Tips + Tricks

How to

Wash Alpaca + Cotton

Alpaca only needs to be wash every few weeks (or if soiled) with just a 15 minute soak + hang dry.

Cotton is the easiest type of diapers to clean. Just one load and you have fresh diapers.

Simple Laundry

How to

"Prep" Diapers

Unbleached, organic cotton + hemp products have natural oils that need to be removed prior to use.

Our flats, wipes, and hemp boosters typically take up to 12 wash cycles to become fully absorbent but can be used after just 3 wash/dry cycles in most cases by adding layers or changing more frequently.

Our Nesting Bundle includes a prep kit to reduce wash time (and water waste!) to be fully prepped in just 3 cycles.

Inners by Esembly can be used after an initial wash and will become more absorbent over time.

Alpaca covers only need to be washed once prior to first use.

Alpaca dryer balls do not require prepping.

How to

Protect with Lavender

Lavender is a natural way to keep your alpaca (and other wool) safe from moths and other pests.

In our bundles, we included a cotton satchel containing organic lavender from France. Store this satchel (or make your own using lavender tea bags!) with your clean alpaca cover when not in use.

Over time, as the scent starts to fade, replace the dried lavender or add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the dried buds inside.

How to

Use the Wipe-Away Wand

Use a Wipe-Away Wand to help push any "3D" solid waste off your baby's diaper/wipes and into the toilet once your baby has transitioned to solid food. Don't worry about streaks, those will wash out.

Wipe clean with toilet paper and wash with soap and water. Keep out of reach of children and be sure to wash your hands after each diaper change.

How to

Use Alpaca Dryer Balls

Fluff up your diapers and speed up your drying time with all natural Alpaca Dryer Balls.

More dense than wool, you only need 2-3 in the dryer.

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