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No-Fold Bundle

No-Fold Bundle

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Breathable, natural fibers without the folding. 

Includes: 1 alpaca diaper cover + 3 organic cotton inners by Esembly

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Diaper Cover: 100% baby alpaca with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes (or undyed). Trim includes natural-rubber elastics encased in organic cotton and lead-free snaps made from 100% brass. Made in San Francisco, USA.

Inners: Organic, unbleached cotton. Made in Pakistan by Esembly.

Meets CPSC Safety Requirements.


The size indicated in this bundle refers to the size of the Alpaca Diaper Cover.

If your baby is between 18-20lbs, we recommend sizing up to a Large.

Organic Cotton Inners by Esembly come in 2 sizes:

Size 1: 7-17 lbs (4-8 kg)

Size 2: 18-35 lbs (8-16 kg)

For best fit under an Alpaca Diaper Cover, we recommend:

Size 1: Small + Medium Covers

Size 2: Large Covers

Care Guide

Cover: Soak in cool or warm water for 15 minutes using a gentle wool wash such as SOAK s or baby shampoo every 2-3 weeks as needed or if soiled. Air dry. No bleach. For more tips, visit our Simple Laundry page

Inners: Wash every 2-3 days using a clean-rinsing detergent (no fragrance, softeners, or optical brighteners). Do not soak. Pre-wash warm with detergent. Then run a hot main "heavy duty" wash cycle. Dry medium-high heat or line dry. For more help visit Esembly.


Plastic free + sustainable materials.

All of our products and packaging are compostable or recyclable. 

Additionally, a tree is planted with each order in partnership with One Tree Planted

Learn more about Our Materials and Your Impact

Why you'll love it

Great for new parents, other caregivers, and anyone struggling to master the "leg seal" with other styles of diapers.

Esembly Inners easily contain mess with gentle elastics around the legs that helps keep poop off the cover (without a learning curve!) and allows the Alpaca Diaper Cover to go even longer between washes.

Esembly Inners are made of super soft and thirsty certified organic cotton. Inners are designed with a unique butterfly shaped core to maximize absorbency while still allowing water and detergent to access all layers of the diaper for a deep and thorough cleaning and efficient drying.

Esembly Inners come in two sizes and are made to grow with your baby. The waist snaps allow for adjustments to accommodate expanding bellies, while the rippled core and stretchy elastic at the legs will expand as your babe gets taller.

Inners are designed to be worn inside an Alpaca Diaper Cover (included) for waterproofing and containment.

Sizes Small and Medium come with Size 1 Inners (7-17lbs).

Size Large comes with Size 2 Inners (18-35lbs).

This bundle is designed to be stackable! With just 2-3 No-Fold Bundles, you'll have enough natural fiber cloth diapers for full-time use. We recommend having 6-9 diapers per day to change every 2 hours paired with 2-3 alpaca diaper covers to rotate throughout the day (plus one cover for night). Want to go longer between wash days? Simply add more Cotton Inners.

You can also add 1-2 Hemp Boosters between the Cotton Inner + Alpaca Diaper Cover for more absorbency without adding bulkiness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tayler Clark
Amazingly soft

I love the Luna paca cover. It is so soft and durable! My son also loves his new diapers. My only regret is that I didn’t try Luna paca sooner.

The best of the best in every way!

So happy that I found this product! It is beautiful, soft easy to use but most importantly, it breaths! So I wanted to use them for a month before writing a review. After one week of every day use I placed another order for more Lunapaca covers.
We live in a very hot country and the plastic covers are a little bit harsh. The Lunapaca cover changed the game of cloth dippering totally! Because they breath the temperature is normal. On a very hot day a super wet Esembly dipper was chill on the outside and had the babies temperature near the skin.
As for the how well it holds liquids: we have long nights in the same dipper. After we change it it is full of liquids. The cover gets damp only from the inside layer, the outside one stayed dry. Also it gets damp only at the front because I take the baby from the bed and hold him against me. So it gets damp from the compression and only from the inside. We had to change his night blanket to a warmer one because it doesn’t heat the baby like the plastic covers. It actually breaths and holds very well the liquids. Thank you for such a wonderful product.


These diapers are exactly as described!! I'm due in a couple of months, and am looking forward to trying them on my baby :)

Sarah Espinal
Buy it!!

These diaper covers are so soft and well made!! The packaging was beautiful!! Just wish that inventory was better and that they weren’t so expensive, otherwise I would definitely buy more!!