Alpaca Diaper Covers

Small: 6-12 lbs

Medium: 12-20 lbs

Large: 20-35 lbs

X-Large: 30+ lbs

Adjust waist snaps so they are snug around your baby and leg elastics are resting along the bikini line and not on thighs. 

The diaper underneath should not be visible once the cover is on. If it is, just tuck it in under the elastics.

No need for perfection! Snaps do not need to be even. Bottom row and top snaps may be tighter than waist snaps for smaller legs and a bigger belly or the reverse may be true. Snaps should also be adjusted depending on the diaper underneath (i.e. night time diapers may require a larger snap setting). 

TIP! Try pulling on the leg elastics at the bikini line, up towards to bellybutton. Sometimes the fabric can get caught under the bum making it harder for the leg elastics to fully extend.

Organic Cotton Flats (diapers): One-size

For help learning to use one-size diapers, watch our Learn to Fold videos.

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Alpaca covers do not need to be washed frequently. If the cover starts to smell when dry or is soiled, then hand wash in cool or lukewarm water using a gentle wool-safe wash and air dried (not in direct sunlight). Some bleeding may occur with darker color fabric with the first few washes so best to wash with like colors or wash separately. You do not need to add lanolin to alpaca. Never use bleach. Store dry with dried lavender or cedar when not in use to protect from moths. Some pilling may occur over time and can be removed by using a cashmere comb or a safety razor (be careful not to accidentally cut the fabric).

Organic cotton (flats + wipes) can be machine washed and dried but they can also be easily hand-washed and will air dry quickly. Remove any solids prior to washing. If staining occurs, place in direct sunlight while damp (remove promptly when dry to avoid wear on fabric).


Wipe Away Wands should be wiped clean after each use and stored out of reach of children. To clean, hand wash with soap and water. Do not soak or use harsh chemicals.
For more detailed instructions, please visit Simple Laundry.
Lunapaca was founded to support a softer, more sustainable babyhood with timeless, natural materials. Our signature product, the patent-pending Alpaca Diaper Cover, is the only plastic-free wrap-style cover available on the market and we are committed to innovation that allows families plastic-free alternatives for their babies. All of our products and packaging are compostable or recyclable. Additionally, a tree is planted with each order in partnership with One Tree PlantedLearn more about Our Materials and Your Impact

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