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No-Fold Bundle
Tayler Clark
Amazingly soft

I love the Luna paca cover. It is so soft and durable! My son also loves his new diapers. My only regret is that I didn’t try Luna paca sooner.

The best of the best in every way!

So happy that I found this product! It is beautiful, soft easy to use but most importantly, it breaths! So I wanted to use them for a month before writing a review. After one week of every day use I placed another order for more Lunapaca covers.
We live in a very hot country and the plastic covers are a little bit harsh. The Lunapaca cover changed the game of cloth dippering totally! Because they breath the temperature is normal. On a very hot day a super wet Esembly dipper was chill on the outside and had the babies temperature near the skin.
As for the how well it holds liquids: we have long nights in the same dipper. After we change it it is full of liquids. The cover gets damp only from the inside layer, the outside one stayed dry. Also it gets damp only at the front because I take the baby from the bed and hold him against me. So it gets damp from the compression and only from the inside. We had to change his night blanket to a warmer one because it doesn’t heat the baby like the plastic covers. It actually breaths and holds very well the liquids. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Wish I’d bought a twinpac!

Truthfully wish I had bought these from the start. They are SO soft, easy to care for, super sustainable, and so darn cute!

Try a Paca!
Sophie Hendrie
Custom bundle and Try a Paca

The quality of both the nappies and covers are outstanding. They are super simple to use and care for and w great option for all babies due to the ability to customise the nappies to suit their specific needs. I have tried many different reusable nappies and these are by far my favourite. Enough to pay a ridiculous shipping and customs charge! Highly recommend them.

Love my Lunapaca!

These covers are so soft and easy to use. I only wish I had found out about them sooner. We’ll be using them from day one with my second!

Alpaca Diaper Cover - Sky (limited edition)
Anna Y.
Such a soft beautiful blue color

One of my favorite colors! Even more stunning in person.

Try a Paca!
Jinnie L.

These are great for my little grandson. He’s never had a rash, and they look so good! Simply cute without looking cartoonish. My grandson does leak sometimes, but at least the covers are easy to clean. It’s awesome that they don’t have an odor, even if a little pee gets on them every once in awhile.

Alpaca Diaper Cover - Clay
Amanda B.
Spot On!!!

Our 2 year old baby girl has been 30 to 34 pounds for some time now. I have been searching for cloth diaper covers that would properly fit her as she has had them maxed out for months. We have multiple covers that guarantee to 65 pounds … they lasted to 30! The LunaPaca XL is the perfect fit with room to grow!!! Our daughter does not like diaper changes at night so the cloth diaper has to last 12 hours…this one does just that, there were absolutely no leaks!
Thank you LunaPaca for thinking of those of us with babies that need some extra room! Now her skin can breathe while in the diaper, we have no more mean red marks and now have a fully natural non-toxic cloth diaper on our precious babes skin.
For reference our daughter is:
Height 34 1/4”
Weight 34 pounds
Waist 22”
Both thighs 14 1/2”

Alpaca Diaper Cover - Sage (limited edition)
Jennifer G.
Amazing diapers for a minimalist lifestyle

We have been using Lunapaca on our baby boy since he was born 3 months ago. They are perfect for our minimalist rv traveling lifestyle. I couldn’t be happier with our choice to buy these diapers and tell everyone about them.

Alpaca Diaper Cover - Sage (limited edition)
Lydia F.

Sage is so pretty! These covers are the best!

Alpaca Diaper Cover - Natural (undyed)
Lydia F.
the best!

we’ve been using these for a few days with my son, no leaks, so soft and so cute!

Twinning Pac
Mandi S.
Amazingly cozy!

These covers are worth the price! They are beautifully made and so soft and cozy! Not itchy or scratchy at all, and no red marks from elastic. Much lighter than wool, and dries much quicker. I do find that I have to boost my absorbency with these more than pul covers, but I love them and will buy more. For reference, my baby is 5 months, 18 pounds, and the large fits well with room to grow.

Alpaca Diaper Cover - Natural (undyed)
Jinnie L.
Worth Every Dollar

I got one for my new grandson and his mommy bought another one. The price is high, but honestly it’s worth it. He’s almost 3 months old and still uses the farthest snaps, so he will get a lot of wear out of them before we have to size up. They’re so cute and soft! We have noticed a little bit of a scent after he pees- not really unpleasant, nor strong. We have both (unplanned) said “you must have peed. You smell like a baby alpaca!” Hahaha, we don’t know what alpacas smell like, btw. We love that there’s no plastic on these too, and how gentle these are on his little bottom. Overall, the best part is not spending a ton of money to fill up with landfill.

Alpaca Diaper Cover - Natural (undyed)
Danya G.
sizing different

I got this in Large for my 22lb 13 month old. I had another one in the darker gray in Large already. This one fits MUCH smaller. In the dark gray, I use the middle snaps. In this one, I use the last snaps, and the rise isn't as high in the back.

Thank you for the feedback! I will follow up with you about a replacement. It sounds like you received the wrong size.

Try a Paca! (1.0)
Lyndsay N.
We Are In Love!

Hands down one of the best diaper systems ever. We will definitely be investing in more. The cover is amazingly soft, and so easy to launder. The Cotten flats are so nice, I thought I hated any flat that wasn’t stretchy until I tried these. My little baby boy is so happy and cozy in this diaper. We can’t recommend Lunapaca enough!

Try a Paca! (1.0)
Veronica B.
Superb quality

Very impressed with the quality.

The materials are the best I’ve seen.

Alpaca Diaper Cover - Clay
Briana T.
Love these

Easily the best cover system I’ve ever found! As simple as using a PUL cover, but as gentle as wool cover. Love! And plan to buy more soon!

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