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The XL has been perfect for overnight for our 19lb baby and 32lb toddler.

Just what my daughter-in-law wanted.

As a grandma, I was pleased with the quality of the unbleached fabric and the stitching.

Useful for so many things beyond wipes! Great boosters for absorbency, and at our house we use them as baby wash cloths and even snot rags in a pinch.

Twinning Pac

These worked beautifully for my newborn! If you’re on the fence about Lunapaca for your newborn, go for it. The alpaca is newborn soft with no pinching. AND perfect for newborn photos!

Twinning Pac

I love these covers!!! They’re soft, stylish, and very comfortable for my baby.


I have waited a long time to get these undyed covers as they have been out of stock. Finally a restock was coming! I set my alarm and was able to order them. They just came in and WOWWWWW they are absolutely beautiful and so soft... words don't do it justice. We're expecting our first babe in a month or two and I can't wait to use them. I'm pretty certain babe will be wearing nothing but these covers 90% of the time. :)

Alpaca Diaper Cover
Elizabeth K.
Favorite covers!

This is my second purchase! I was so surprised at how dry the covers were when I saw how damp my essembly inners were. I use with be purchasing each size - even my husband is a fan.

Alpaca Diaper Cover
Rachel Quattrone
Beyond what I expected

The alpaca materials softness is beyond what I expected, especially for it being wool. The care instructions are simple, and instead of having to do all the things just to get it waterproof you can just work with the natural oils and water resistance of the wool. I love supporting local small businesses, of course and this quality is exceptional!

So soft

Great quality and so soft. Our daughter was pleased with their shower gift.

Great buy

Love these diapers and the colors I picked in my custom pack. They are soo soft and fit my baby well. Looking forward to diapering 2 at a time minimally!

Birth-2-Potty Paca
Karen Robins

My baby doesn't come for a little while, but the alpaca covers are beautiful, well made, and SO soft! I'm excited to use them. The nesting bundle is a complete kit of everything I need. Customer service was incredible. Very personalized and friendly.

Try a Paca!
Theresa V

So fond of these diapers and of this company! My little one is medically complex and there is a *lot* of non-negotiable plastic in his life, we like to reduce where we can. I’d looked into cloth diapering before but was discouraged by the amount of plastic (and the intense level of maintenance) involved. We were thrilled to find a plastic-free option and I’m so happy we went for it! The diapers are *beautiful* and I love wrapping my little man in something so soft and breathable. It turned our million tube-fed diaper changes into a nurturing routine. Maintenance is as breezy as they claim. Compression leaks can be an issue, but it just takes finding the right combination of inners and being mindful of changing quickly. For us, totally worth it. On top of a really great product, I reached out about a storage/cleaning concern and Theresa responded in such a warm, helpful, and prompt manner that I instantly felt reassured! I one million percent recommend Lunapaca.

Try a Paca!
Love it!

Lunapaca helped me fall in love with cloth diapering!

Before having my first baby, I thought about using cloth diapers. At first I was too worried about learning and the washing so we used disposables. Once my son got a bad rash, I did a deep dive into truly clean disposable diapers and found they don't really exist.

I was so discouraged until I found Lunapaca. At first I thought I would just try it and do it part time. So I ordered the Try A Paca bundle and immediately fell in love!

We did have an issue with a snap coming off the cover within the first few hours of use. But the owner of Lunapaca, Theresa, was so quick to make it right. She truly stands behind her products and I fell even more in love with cloth diapers and Lunapaca.

I ended up ordering another Try A Paca set and am now cloth diapering about 90% of the time.

I highly recommend cloth diapering and especially Lunapaca.

Twinning Pac

These diaper covers are extremely soft. They do a good job containing everything. A little pricey, but from what I can tell about the guarantee it seems like they are willing to fix any product related issues and also help customers with learning how to use the product and succeed in cloth diapering. To me, that makes the price worth it. Plus O

Alpaca Diaper Cover
Monica Felix
So soft and easy to use

I love love these. Easy to put on, easy to wash and maintain. I wanted a plastic free outer and because I found these it gave me the confidence to start cloth diapering and I’ll never go back!

Twinning Pac
Lauren F.
Soooo soft, wish I bought them sooner!

I was thinking about what to write for this review for a while, but ultimately I want to keep it simple. I love these covers. They aren’t wool, so don’t expect them to work exactly like lanolized wool diaper covers. I like to use them when my wool covers are being washed/lanolized as back up and they are PERFECT for this. I’m honestly always so surprised that when I hang them to dry, they dry without a urine smell. SO WORTH THE PRICE to have them to use quickly. I am always happy that when they need to be washed, they dry fast, they really do! Plus, they’re so adorable. I love the color ways. I will definitely be buying at least 2 covers of the next size up to always have some of these on hand. Natural fibers for the win! I would recommend these to anyone!

So cute! Luxuriously soft!

Twinning Pac

These are incredibly soft! I chose to use flats instead of the esembly inners. I have to add a hemp insert otherwise my little guy pees right through but I love that I need to change is the inner part and done. The cover drys quickly and doesn’t stink of pee. I love that I have natural fibers against my little one’s bottom. It took a day or two to learn what works best for me and now it is an amazing setup. And I have tried a few other brands and love this the best.

Perfect bundle

I love and am satisfied with everything that came in this bundle

So soft!

Fantastic cover. With the correct combination of diaper boosters, this can get my 18 month old through his 12 hour night with no leaks. It is so soft, I really feel like it has to be so much more comfortable for him. He typically tries to take off PUL covers and disposables but the times he has worn this cover during the day, he doesn't try! I like the way the snap flaps go inside the front cover as opposed to outside - it makes it lay flatter and more discreetly under clothes. I look forward to buying another for more daytime use! Right now this is a nighttime game changer for us!

Alpaca Diaper Cover
Tayler Clark
Soft diapers

Love the diapers! So soft and I was able to make the switch from disposable to cloth almost exclusively except for when leaving the house for connivence. 10/10 only regret is not ordering sooner

No-Fold Bundle
Tayler Clark
Amazingly soft

I love the Luna paca cover. It is so soft and durable! My son also loves his new diapers. My only regret is that I didn’t try Luna paca sooner.

The best of the best in every way!

So happy that I found this product! It is beautiful, soft easy to use but most importantly, it breaths! So I wanted to use them for a month before writing a review. After one week of every day use I placed another order for more Lunapaca covers.
We live in a very hot country and the plastic covers are a little bit harsh. The Lunapaca cover changed the game of cloth dippering totally! Because they breath the temperature is normal. On a very hot day a super wet Esembly dipper was chill on the outside and had the babies temperature near the skin.
As for the how well it holds liquids: we have long nights in the same dipper. After we change it it is full of liquids. The cover gets damp only from the inside layer, the outside one stayed dry. Also it gets damp only at the front because I take the baby from the bed and hold him against me. So it gets damp from the compression and only from the inside. We had to change his night blanket to a warmer one because it doesn’t heat the baby like the plastic covers. It actually breaths and holds very well the liquids. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Wish I’d bought a twinpac!

Truthfully wish I had bought these from the start. They are SO soft, easy to care for, super sustainable, and so darn cute!

These diapers are exactly as described!! I'm due in a couple of months, and am looking forward to trying them on my baby :)

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