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Monday // April 22 // 6AM PDT

Pre-order the Undyed Collection and save with our biggest sale of the year. Limited supply. Don't miss this one!

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Why Alpaca?

Skip the plastic + lanolin oil.

Alpaca is naturally water-resistant and can go weeks without a wash. With half the dry time as traditional wool, you can reuse more + buy less.

Hypoallergenic + breathable.

Safe for those with wool allergies.

Super soft, no more red marks.

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Try A Paca!

Our best selling starter pac is back! Now includes 12 diapers with zero plastic for just $150 ($12.50 each).

Best for skin, best for planet, and now even more affordable than many reusable "pocket" diapers (made from plastic).

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Wear all day, zero BPAs

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