Tips & Tricks

 Tips for a Better Fit (covers)

Our covers are designed to be snug enough in the front to hold a flat in place without a Snappi or diaper pins, but also enough room in the back to cover a fitted diaper. Sometimes fabric gets caught under the baby and needs to be pulled forward towards the bellybutton 



Newborn Hack

Fold-over trick for sizing down a bigger cover:



How to Get a Great Leg Seal (without a Snappi or diaper pins) 


How to Keep Poop off the Cover

Alpaca can go weeks without a wash! But once your baby starts solids, you may want to try these tricks to go longer between wash cycles if the poop isn't quite yet "ploppable" and you're struggling to get a good leg seal:


Cotton T-shirt Hack

If you need an economical (and super sustainable!) option, upcycle old cotton tees as cloth diapers! Here's how:

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