Save Money + Reduce Waste

You can diaper full time in Alpaca + Cotton from birth to potty for less than the cost of 6 months in disposables.

The average family spends roughly $100 a month on disposable diapers. We estimate families, on average, can save over $3,000 AND keep over 7,000 disposables out of landfills per child.

Just one alpaca diaper cover can easily replace 8-12 pocket diapers or 2 wool covers (plus you'll never need to buy lanolin).

With timeless, neutral colors, covers can also serve as adorable shorts or bloomers and truly serve as a foundational piece of your baby's wardrobe,

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Designed to make washing at home easy so you can avoid trips to big box stores or a diaper delivery services and reduce your carbon footprint.

Fewer, shorter wash cycles and line drying can further your impact and reduce utilities.

Also no micro-plastics shedding into our waterways (or on your baby).

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Sustainable Materials

Our Alpaca cover is 100% plastic-free.

Alpacas are gentle grazers with poop high in nitrogen (adds important nutrients to the soil) and can be an important part of regenerative farming practices.

Most of our materials can be composted at home or are curbside recyclable.

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Keeps on Giving

You can extend the life of your diapers by passing them on to a family in need when you're done with them.

At the end of their usefulness, simply remove the brass snaps (which can be infinitely recycled) from the alpaca covers + the trim from the cotton diapers/wipes. Everything else is compostable.

A tree is planted with every order. 

One Tree Planted + Lunapaca

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