Alpaca Diaper Covers

Small: 6-12 lbs

Medium: 12-20 lbs

Large: 20-35 lbs

X-Large: 30+ lbs

Adjust waist snaps so they are snug around your baby and leg elastics are resting along the bikini line and not on thighs. 

The diaper underneath should not be visible once the cover is on. If it is, just tuck it in under the elastics.

No need for perfection! Snaps do not need to be even. Bottom row and top snaps may be tighter than waist snaps for smaller legs and a bigger belly or the reverse may be true. Snaps should also be adjusted depending on the diaper underneath (i.e. night time diapers may require a larger snap setting). 

TIP: Try pulling on the leg elastics at the bikini line, up towards to bellybutton. Sometimes the fabric can get caught under the bum making it harder for the leg elastics to fully extend. For more help check out this video.


Organic Cotton Flats (diapers)


For help learning to use one-size diapers, watch our Learn to Fold videos.

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